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Agaboo Candle

HUGE Dough Bowl Candle 19½" X 5½" X 2": Magnolia and Peony / Pink Wood

- Handcrafted in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. - All-natural soy wax. - 100% cotton wick. - Eco-friendly & sustainable wax only. - Phthalate-Free, Paraffin-Free. THEY ARE WOOD AND CAN CATCH FIRE IF PROPER PRECAUTIONS ARE NOT FOLLOWED! Do not burn the candle to the bottom where the wood is exposed to the flame. Remember to trim the wick to 1/4” and don’t burn more than a few hours before trimming and relighting. This will increase your burn time and help prevent smoke and overheating that can cause the candle to crack or combust. Place candles on a hard, flat surface or tray that will not be damaged by heat, flame, smoke and/or if the bowl breaks and the wax leaks or spills.