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J Devlin Glass Art & Bert Anderson Collection

Kaleidoscope Blue Stained Glass Art by J Devlin Kal 103

Single wheel kaleidoscope with tumbling glass chips creating colorful images As with any stained glass colors may vary between each item, No two scopes are exactly the same. The metal trim and solder have been stained with a charcoal patina and waxed to keep the finish beautiful for years to come. Polish with a soft dry cloth. Feel comfortable to know that all of our products are made with lead free solder to protect you and the environment. The kaleidoscopes you enjoyed as a child are all grown up. Made of cobalt blue opalescent stained glasses, this tumble-wheel kaleidoscopes is a work of art. Each features a wheel full of tumbling colored pieces affixed to the end. Step back in time and marvel at the shifting patterns of this masterfully designed kaleidoscope. Place on any table or bookcase as accent decor, and you'll soon realize this artistic kaleidoscope is the most exciting conversation piece and glass home decoration you've acquired in years. 9 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 2 1/4"