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Leather Coaster - Anchor

Leather Coaster - Anchor Curate a collection of our handmade leather coasters and watch your customers marvel and laugh while they purchase individual coasters OR mix and match their own custom set. Our handmade leather coasters are top quality! Each coaster has two plies of leather glued together, the sides are sanded and painted to match the top leather, heat stamped, and cork backed. We ship in ASSORTED COLORS so you will receive 5 of each design in different colors. We have yellow, orange, red, burgundy, kelly green, turquoise, royal blue, navy, grey, caramel, brown, and black. BRIGHT COLORS SELL THE BEST!!! If you don't like a color let us know. If you want specific colors let us know. If you want all one color (we highly discourage this) we can accommodate. Blank cork backs available. CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOM DESIGN