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Made by Humans 2 Designs

Pop Art Vase

You’ve been looking all over town for a flower vase. But all you could find were nondescript flower vessels in flat white, dull beige, boring grey and plain glass. But that’s not you! You’re the opposite of “nondescript”. You want splashy, colorful, bold and cheerful. Because that’s the kind of person you are and that is how you roll.

Well, look no further! Because we’ve got just the thing for you: a Pop Art Vase.

Because Pop Art is back – oh yes! And this time around even more “groovy” than in the 60’s when Pop Art took the art world by storm.

Anyway, you’ve always had a thing for vintage 60’s stuff, classic comic books and Roy Lichtenstein paintings so a Pop Art Vase is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. It’s a fabulous, eye-catching piece of home décor – even without a single flower in it. So don’t keep it under the kitchen sink until somebody brings you flowers. Put it on permanent display.

Fun fact: shape and size of the Pop Art Vases are exactly as those of the iconic popcorn cartons you used to get at the movies back in the day. So, hey, why not fill a Pop Art Vase with popcorn when you’re binging on Netflix?

Product Features

Colorful, eye-catching flower vase for your eclectic home or office
Looks fabulous with a huge bouquet or without a single flower in it.
Gives your home or workspace a cheerful decorative accent
Perfect gift for pop art and classic comic books lovers
Creates an upbeat ambiance and brightens up any home or office interior
Creative and fun tabletop vase made from quality ceramic
Doubles as a reusable popcorn container