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By Alejandra Design

Mediterranean Sea - Oblique Slender

Oblique Slender is a refined collection that features faceted and sharp edges. The patterns on these pieces are derived from the geometric formations found in diamonds, mountain ranges and the crystalline structures of the snowflake. Much like their natural counterparts, each uni ue piece in the oblique collection is the perfect way to bring an element of raw beauty to any space. While we begin the design process using an advanced computational algorithm, oblique travels a long way before it reaches it's final state. After being slip-cast to receive flawless edges, the pieces are hand glazed and baked in the kiln. It is at this stage that they undergo a reactive metamorphosis that brings them to life. Their slanted edges react with the molten glaze in a way that is truly unpredictable. After cooling they have finally become oblique. The main color is a matte turquoise that has marble-like texture. The turquoise color bleeds to a white glaze creating a brighter tone of turquoise.

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