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Mia Harlow Organics

Tower Tour Candle

Tower Tour - Each Candle comprises 9 elements. The white cylindrical pillar candle in the centre is tapered towards the bottom so the other 8 elements can slide in and out, or remain in place. AS SEEN IN VOGUE Ingredients: 100% unique blended of natural wax, high quality ingredients and nothing else all vegan and cruelty free. Lemon Essential Oil The refreshing scent of lemon oil helps to perk up your mood. Known reduces stress and anxiety. Lemon oil has a crisp, sharp, citrus fresh smell. The refreshing scent helps perk up your mood. Lavender Essential Oil Lavender oil has a fresh, herbaceous aroma. Bursting with floral scent with a somewhat dry-woody undertone. Helps to promote true relaxation by unwinding your mind, believed to treat anxiety, allergies and insomnia. Lime Essential Oil Lime oil has refreshing and clean smell with a hint of zesty. This sweet and zesty smell is perfect for your brightening your mood filling your room