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Resinate Exotic Furniture

Walnut Charcuterie Board with Epoxy

WARNING - Each board is hand-crafted with live-edge wood so your board will slightly differ from the pictures featured here. No two boards of this style will ever look identical. Are you looking to put-together a Wine & Cheese party your guests will talk about for months? You’ve got your well-rounded offering of meats, cheeses, fruits and nuts. Only the last piece of the puzzle is missing, or was missing, now that you’ve found this board. WHY RESIN? Although it may be an odd concept for amateurs, experts know that ‘taste’ depends on more than just your taste buds. Smell and sight can make or break your dish. The resin adds a majestic touch to the live edge black walnut slab and elevates the visual presentation of your charcuterie board. Treat your guests to an experience they’ll never forget! DETAILS: - Live-edge Black Walnut Wood - Epoxy Resin - 18” X 10” - 1-inch thick